We offer workshops for parents and private yoga sessions for children with special needs. Our programs for teen girls are perfect for summer school breaks.

Professional Caregivers

Bring the calming power of yoga into the classroom or therapy office. Our products and on-site workshops make it easy for you to implement a yoga plan.

Yoga Teachers + Studios

Want to serve children and adolescents with special needs? Our 95-hour training and specially designed yoga products will give you the right foundations.

Your program has given me so much inspiration and has led me to think of my career and what happens next!


speech pathologist

My child’s journey of healing has begun. Thank you for reminding me of the power of my intuition as I clean up his body and make him whole again through the body-mind connection.


mother of a child with special needs

My 18 year-old autistic daughter, Carly, started using the Stretch What Matters Yoga System a few months ago. I am delighted to report that she absolutely loves the system and can now do 48 poses!

Peg McFeeley Golden

mother and theatre producer

I find the Stretch What Matters system to be creative, fun, playful, and attractive to kids of all ages. Honestly, even some parents have commented that they’d love to use it to learn yoga!

Karen Fabian