FAQs: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions


Who is the Yoga System designed for?

The Stretch What Matters Yoga System is for individuals looking to practice or teach beginner level yoga. Elizabeth Goranson , founder of Stretch What Matters is the creator of the yoga system. The yoga system is perfect for implementing an easy to follow and safe yoga program. The Stretch What Matters Yoga System may be used in just about anywhere one can practice yoga, including: general and special education classrooms; physical education classes; occupational, speech, and physical therapy offices; daycare facilities; hospitals; assisted living homes; yoga studios; recreational departments; and, of course, your own home.


Is the Complete System with 1 Toddler Mat the same as the Complete System with 1 Adult Mat?

Yes, the complete system includes the same products (1 mat, a deck of Instructional Yoga Pose Cards, an Instructional Yoga DVD, and an Instructional Manual). The only detail that changes is the size of the mat that comes with the system. You can order a complete system with a toddler mat, medium mat, or large mat depending on your body height.


My son is 4′ 10”. Should I order the large yoga mat for him, since he is about to grow out of the medium mat?

Please order your son the yoga mat that is perfect for his body height at the time of your purchase. If he is 4′ 9”, the medium yoga mat is best for his body. If your child grows out of his medium yoga mat within 5 months after your purchase, you may return your used yoga mat and reorder a new mat (to fit your child’s new height) at 50% off. All gently used mats will be donated to a great cause.


I am a physical educator looking to do yoga with 21 students. Do I need to order 21 Yoga Systems?

No, you can simply order 1 complete yoga system for yourself and 21 additional yoga mats for your students.