Special Needs Growth + Independence: Our Passion


At Stretch What Matters, we strive to enhance the quality of life, mentally and physically, for all individuals through yoga—regardless of age, ability, or special needs. It’s our mission to bring greater healing to every body, and we aim to provide parents and professionals with comprehensive special needs trainings and resources.

Elizabeth Goranson, M.S. Ed., ERYT is president and founder of Stretch What Matters, a yoga-based therapeutic program for children and teens with special needs. In understanding the effectiveness of visual learning, she created the patented Stretch What Matters Yoga System, which includes a specially designed yoga mat and instructional guides. She holds a master’s degree in Special Education from Simmons College in Boston, MA, and is a certified yoga teacher. Elizabeth is the proud parent of two beautiful children with special needs. These amazing beings continue to heal every day, and Elizabeth believes they are her greatest teachers.


Founder’s Message: I Know What It’s Like

About-page-1484Stretch-2_1500I understand what it means to raise and serve children who struggle. My own obstacles at home and in the classroom were the inspiration for founding Stretch What Matters.

The standard philosophy—teaching children to model their behavior after adults—only led to frustrations, for myself as well as the kids. Sticker charts and time-outs didn’t help.

I began to wonder: What practical, real-world methods would help children with special needs live happily? How can I support people like myself, the parents and the professionals who want the best for these children?

Stretch What Matters was born by seeking answers to these questions. I knew I couldn’t be the only parent or professional out there seeking a better way.


All Children Want to Thrive

Yoga empowers children with special needs. It gives them a path to manage their behaviors on their own. Meditation nurtures their ability to process life calmly, while nutrition heals from the inside out.

What kids experience on the inside is what they tend to exhibit on the outside. This reflection of their inner world shows up in every part of their outer world—school, home, sleep habits, doctors’ offices, eating patterns, peer relationships. When kids feel good, they thrive in life.

I teach children and teens—along with parents and caregiver professionals—how to identify and manage emotional states with healing nutrition, breath, movement, and meditation. I help them find balance so they can thrive.


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