Using the Stretch What Matters Yoga System with my clients has taken their practice to a new level. I work with adults of varying disabilities, including people with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring substance dependence. While knowing that yoga can have a profound positive impact on my clients, I also knew that it was difficult for them to attend a yoga class due to their disorganization, lack of financial resources, or transportation. Stretch What Matters provided my clients with a clear, organized, and comprehensive system that they could follow in their own homes. Clients became more confident in their abilities, their poses, and their understanding of how yoga can positively impact their well-being.

Deirdre Calvert


I’m a yoga teacher for adults as well as children. I’ve been teaching children of all ages for many years in schools, libraries, yoga studios, and non-profits that serve children. While I have used many tools for teaching children’s yoga, I find the Stretch What Matters system to be creative, fun, playful, and attractive to kids of all ages. Honestly, even some parents have commented that they’d love to use it to learn yoga! The mat is durable, great looking, travels well, and keeps kids focused. It also provides support to children with a variety of challenges to learning, as it’s very bright and the cards help as well. I’d recommend it to anyone who teaches children’s yoga!

Karen Fabian

Certified Baptiste yoga teacher, RYT-200

We are parents of a 14 year-old boy who has autism. He is a very visual person and has trouble understanding language about positioning his body. For him, the mat—with its color-coded hands and feet positions and its corresponding visual pose cards—is the most important part of the Stretch What Matters Yoga System. The mat shows him directly how to position himself for different yoga poses. He can concentrate on the poses and how they feel, instead of being sidetracked in his attempts to get into the poses. He is very proud of his skills, and loves doing yoga.

Parents of a child with autism

My 18 year-old autistic daughter, Carly, started using the Stretch What Matters Yoga System a few months ago. I am delighted to report that she absolutely loves the system and can now do 48 poses! The beautifully colored cards and yoga mat make exercise possible and fun. It is child-friendly and portable, so she takes it with her when we go away on weekends—or she can do just do it in our family room at home. It is an ingenious system, and we are thrilled that she is staying fit and healthy because of it.

Peg McFeeley Golden

Mother and theatre producer

I have the compete system, plus an extra mat to use for my child and also for any students I work with. This is a simple system to use, and children are immediately drawn to it. You can have them follow the instructions on the cards to create yoga poses, but the printed hands and feet placements on the mat encourage free movement (think Twister and voilá!). I highly recommend this product. I want to get a whole set of mats so I can have them for all my classes. The system also comes with wrist bands to use for those who have trouble with their left and rights. Very smart! Yoga is non-competitive and this surely brings that out. High praises!

Eve Agush Costerelli

CYT, lead teacher for the Nourishing Teachers, Strengthening Classroom’s Project

The system is easy to use and great for kids. The mat and cards are high quality and hold up well. I highly recommend this product! 

Amie Meleshkewichon

E-RYT 200, certified personal trainer

We have this system for my 4-year-old and LOVE IT. She uses it several times a week to do yoga. The hand and footprints and corresponding cards make it super easy for her to follow the directions, but also leaves room for her to invent her own poses combining hand and foot prints of different colors. Such a great way to introduce yoga to little ones!

Sarah Whitten

Voice and yoga teacher and mother of two children

I’m a mother of two boys as well as a certified yoga instructor. I’ve had the privilege of seeing this system up close and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in bringing yoga into their child’s routine. You don’t have to have yoga experience to do this with your child since the cards tell you exactly where to place your hands and feet using the color coded spots on the mat. It is a very well and durable system. Your little yogini will have lots of fun with this!

Sarah Lovett

RYT 200 and mother of two boys