Special Needs: Workshops for Parents + Professionals


9458-Special-Needs-Training-Workshops-for-Parents-Professionals-square_1500Our yoga workshops are designed for parents, therapists, educators, and counselors interested in learning how to incorporate the calming, healing practice of yoga into their care for individuals with special needs.

 Would you like to bring a Stretch What Matters workshop for parents and professionals to your academic or therapeutic setting? Email us for details.



Healing Our Children: A Mind-Body Workshop for Parents

Parents are a child’s greatest advocate for healing, and their intuition is your greatest ally. Healing Our Children is provided to organizations supporting parents of children and adolescents with special needs. In this workshop, parents understand how body-mind health affects a child’s development and behavior. Participants learn simple steps towards achieving balance.

In this resourceful workshop they will:

  • Tap into their own parental intuition
  • Discover how a healthy body through clean nutrition is the basis for healing
  • Grasp the therapeutic foundations of yoga
  • Identify brain functions that have an impact on responses to daily life
  • Understand how to turn off the stress response for themselves and their child
  • Learn yoga poses designed to ground and strengthen the body and mind
  • See how the Stretch What Matters Yoga System visually cues their child


Host a Workshop at Your Organization

Want to empower parents by hosting a Healing Our Children workshop at your academic or therapeutic setting? Stretch What Matters can tailor the workshop length to suit your needs. We also offer a 3-hour, on-site training. Email us with your questions and interests.