Yoga Therapy: Private + Group Sessions


9652-yoga-therapy-square_1500Stress takes a serious toll on children and teens with special needs. When feeling pressured by our speeding-up society to do and be more, they grapple with illness, insomnia, mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

By practicing yoga, children and teens learn to turn off the stress response on their own, creating a positive chain reaction in their lives. They come to see that they hold the magic wand.

Stretch What Matters Yoga Therapy is appropriate for ages 5 and older. It entails bringing the mind and body into balance through the principals of yoga: breath work, movement, and meditation.


1367-Yoga-Therapy-square_1500Yoga Therapy Sessions + Packages

Session Types

Private Sessions: Individualized therapy, with or without the parent(s) present

Group Sessions: Small groups of 2 – 4 children/teens

Phone/Skype Consults: For parents who incorporate yoga into their home routine or are thinking about doing so


Registration Process

Understanding your child’s needs in advance is vital to formulating an effective therapy plan. So before your first yoga therapy session, you’ll complete a questionnaire regarding your child’s current mind-body health. We’ll also schedule a time to speak by phone, to review details and to cover any questions you and your child may have about yoga therapy. Stretch What Matters will assess what will serve your child best, group or individual sessions.


Progress: Milestones + Reports

Each yoga therapy session is based on your child’s developmental, emotional and behavioral needs. Personalized yoga plans are created for children registered in private sessions.

Following every 8th therapy session, you’ll receive a written summary of your child’s progress toward the goals outlined in the yoga plan.



Teen Girl Session: 

Each private session is individualized for your teen’s needs. Sessions run 75 minutes.

Parent + Child Package:

Training package includes an initial intake, 8 private therapy classes (60 minutes each), supportive phone consults, the Stretch What Matters Yoga System, and an individualized plan.

Group Session Package: 

Includes an initial intake, 6 small group yoga therapy sessions, one Stretch What Matters Yoga System and an individualized home practice plan. Please note that this package is limited to 4 children/teens.

Phone/Skype Consults: 

Do you use yoga at home and want to improve your results? Or perhaps you wonder how to introduce yoga to your child or teen with special needs?

Is your child’s school team struggling with ways to implement short yoga breaks into his or her school routine?

Are you ready to clean up your child’s nutrition yet remain curious how you’ll find the time and energy to make it a reality?

A phone/Skype consult will provide the answers you’re looking for.

Karma Student: Scholarship

In the spirit of service, Stretch What Matters offers assistance for those facing financial difficulty. A karma student pays what they are able to afford for up to three months. After 3 months, the next person on the karma waiting list is eligible for services.


Ready to start?

Please request your registration questionnaire. You may also be interested in the Stretch What Matters yoga workshops for parents.